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Name: Hanna Heller
Canon: Hanna
Age: 16
Sex/Gender: Female

Grew up in the Finnish wilderness with only her father since she was about two, not having contact with other people or the modern world until she was 16, and after that the only contact with those two was brief, happening mostly on a hunt through Marocco, France and Germany. She was trained and is very skilled at martial arts, usage of various weapons (most prominently guns and bow/arrow), survival (including survival in subarctic conditions), and thinking on her feet. Her endurance and pain tolerance are heightened, while her empathy is lower than that of an average human and she is almost unable to feel conventional fear.

More information on her Wikipedia page, but careful, there are obviously spoilers there. A trailer of the movie can be watched here on youtube. This is the official page of the movie.

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